Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Titisee to Titicaca

Hi it's Sam!

I'm here, in Bolivia, and glad to be. I've been looking forward to this even before Dad went away, and now it's finally happening. It was a very long and tiring thirteen hours not only because I was alone but also because only the day before I had been on a coach for seventeen hours coming back from a school trip to Germany in the Black Forest. I had such a good time, but it really didn't help the stress and tiredness that I was going through.

Never the less Germany was great, we got up to loads of cool stuff including singing mass in Strasbourg cathedral (France) and going to Europa park that holds the biggest roller coaster ride in Europe!! Of course I went on it but lots of friends chickened out! We also went to lake Titisee to do a concert. This was a good experience as it had very nice views. What I didn't realise is that four days later I wold be standing by another lake, but this lake is the highest in the world, and very different! Lake Titicaca. We stayed in Copacabana, on the lake, a very nice place to be a little altitude sick in my opinion, it was just abit but wasn't nice. I think it was also because I was very tired , after all I had been in seven countries in a week...England, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, Peru, Bolivia. WOW! Two hemispheres, 51 hours of sitting on a coach and plane in 14 days! I think I was allowed just a small break before we went off to Uyuni and the Salar.

The Salar was AMAZING. I had a great time and with a group that I wouldn't have changed for anything. It is a great experience and so glad I did it.