Tuesday, 20 November 2007

High Palms

From San Augustin I travelled all day, up the Magdelena river valley, using three buses to arrive in Colombia's coffee producing area and the small city of Armenia (accessed via a steep twisting mountain road over the Central Cordillera). The following morning I headed to the village of Salento.

Surrounded by coffee farms and sat underneath the green cloud wrapped mountains, Salento is gorgeous. So laid back, so traditional. Where else can you see horsemen in panama hats sat outside the many town bars.

Salento's big draw is the nearby Valle De Corcora, where the world's tallest palms life. These palms started life, according to the fossil record, as coastal palms, yet survived the Andean uplifting to reach the 2600m altitude they stand at now.

These palms soar over the landscape and pierce through the cloud forest canopy. They are magnificent.

Salento kept me for 3 days. It was so relaxing there, and the hostel was chill out personified.