Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Unusual Tour Guide

The storm had blown away the humidity and Thursday, my last full day on the island, looked promising for a clear day. I decided to hike back over to the eastern side so see if Yunque was showing her crown.

So picnic made I head up towards Selkirk's mirador. On the way I stopped by to look at the small fort built by the Spanish, long after Selkirk's time, in order to twart British pirates and buccaneers. Here I met my tour guide. Normally I do not like using tour guides, I like to go at my own pace. But today I had no choice. This chap was coming with me whatever I did or said. He just seemed to know I was heading up to the mirador and over the other side. He was a great guide for me. As he walked in front, waited whilst I ate more myrtle berries, and I never even got know his name.

Here is a pic of him up at Selkirk's lookout point on the ridge. Isn't he fabulous?

The weather from this point on just got better and better, and was chystal clear as hoped. So it was down through the cloud forest and along the coast to have a good look at the ridges and mountains that are the spine of this beautiful island. I'll will let the pictures tell the story from now onwards.