Monday, 23 July 2007

Doing Lines

I left Andagua on the one bus out at 6pm and arrived back at the bus terminal at 4.30am. The strike must be over! So I hopped onto the next bus heading towards Lima via Nasca. Eight hours later I arrived. What a journey.

From Arequipa the road heads down to the pacific coast. At this time of the year, winter, the coastal desert is fog bound, and it was an eerie ride along the rocky and occasionally sand dune clad coast.

Fortunately here in Nasca the skies were clear and sunny, as I came to see the Nasca lines.

The Nasca civilisation ran from 400BC to 600AD. Very little is known about these people and what they left behind just adds to their mystery. The massive Nasca lines, images of condors, spiders, dogs and monkeys, etched into the desert plain, are only truly visible from the air. So the next day I was sat in a small light aircraft to view the Nasca peoples art.

I really should not have had breakfast, for the plane was bumpy and the tight turns it made above the figures on the plain below made me fell a tad nauseous. Fortunately my breakfast stayed put! Great fun all the same.

Here's the image of the astronaut, I guess the main reason why some Dutch bloke who had chewed far too many coca leaves, decided the Nasca people had alien help in constructing their lines.

After my thirty minute flight, I went in search of the mummies at the nearby necropolis. Here the rather dead Nascas' face the rising sun, awaiting the after life when the next UFO passes to take them on to some nebulla out there. A dead good place.