Saturday, 24 February 2007

This Is Me, Mini Culley

The following blog entry was written by my son Sam

When I found out about my mad dad going away I was extremely shocked, I always knew he was very rearing to go yet never thought that he would ever do anything on the scale he is. Like my dad I am very anxious to see the world. And as you can see I have started my life well with a fair share of great holidays. But I still have a long way to go to be able to state the words 'I have done the world. A few months after the news of dads departure, I was starting to get over the fact I wouldn't be seeing him for a year minus a few weeks. But was all shattered when I had a phone call to say he had booked his flight. I suppose it brought it down to earth that it was actually happening. I don't show it but am living every day as if it is my last with him. This has been helped by lots of fun events before he goes, this includes a trip to the island of Anglesey in my half term, whilst there we would be going to visit a friends of dads who look after animals. These include: Owls, Rabbits,And other amazing types of birds of pray. As you can imagine it was really cool and I have some great pictures to proof this. It goes to show that some people will do anything for what they love. A bit like dad, but there is a consequence for everything good in life. This, in dads point is leaving everyone behind, including me. But I have to think what I am getting out of it, and not the opposite. So what am I getting out of it? For one it will free up the whole of my Saturday. This means that as I am getting older I feel the need to spent more time with friends, and that is exactly what it will do. It is also important for my mum, as we don't get to do much together because the only day I am free is spent with dad, this means that we can go and do something on a weekend. But I feel the main point that is great is some amazing holidays, yet I come back to what I was saying before, the best things never come without consequence, and in this case it is the matter of two return flights over this summer, and next Easter, on my own with no company but the air hostesses. It may sound easy enough, many children go and visit their relatives abroad all the time. The difference between them and me is that they go for pennies on Easy jet, I am going over the Atlantic and then over thelargest river in the world, the wonderful Amazon. To be precise around thirteen hours in a tin can. Trust me it is nothing to boast about. But there is a Light at the end of the runway, 'no not the spot light but dad.' doesn't sound very exiting but after not seeing him for around five months it is kind of special.