Thursday, 12 April 2007

Ischigualasto - Dino Bones

After the beautiful tour of Talampaya park, we headed out to Ischigualasto, where a great many fossils of dinosaurs have been discovered. Some refer to the park as the "Valley of the Moon" and in places its white cracked surface did resemble what you might think the moon might be like.

The park must be a geologists dream, and we were lucky to have our own resident geologist Brigitte, from Greenland on hand to help us understand the processes that lead to what we were viewing.

Some formations are just not fully explainable. The round football like boulders are particularly peculiar, and know one can fully agree on how these were formed. They make for great photos though!

It was an excellent day and we all had had a lot of fun. After the trip to the park myself and a few others were dropped off in the middle of nowhere (just one shop nothing else, but it did sell a well deserved beer) to catch a bus to La Rioja and from there an overnight bus north to Tucuman.