Thursday, 12 April 2007


At the bus station in San juan I noticed a lot more Western travellers waiting for the same bus to the Valle Fertil as myself. There were Israeli´s, Germans, French, a chap from Guernsey and a few Argentines. All were headed to the two national parks, Talapaya and Ischiguasto, north of the village of San Augustin.

On arrival accomodation touts offered tours and beds. I together with most of the others headed off to take advantage of the 1.5UKP a night offer. We bonded over beer and dinner, and we all decided to do one park in the morning and the other in the afternoon, before heading further north.

We bumped along to our first national park, Talampaya at 8am.

This park is very similar to scenes from the American west (Arizona and Colorado). A red rock, river canyon, shaped, and further sculpted by the wind and water.

Our first stop was to look at some 3500 year old petroglyphs.

Even more impressive was the smooth red sandstone walls, and the chimney like indent (which help produce some wonderful echoes) On the wway towards the canyon we were lucky enough to to see Guanacocos and Rheas.