Monday, 16 April 2007

Tafi Del Valle

We were now a group of five. Two Porteños (Buenos Aires chaps), two French and myself.

We took the two hour long bus ride up into the Andes and what a ride it was. Starting in the farmland we could see the mountains cloaked in green forest. This forest turned out to be dense sub-tropical forest with every tree drapped in parasitic plants. As we rose in altitude the trees became more temperate in nature, all this as we hairpinned our way up. I sat on the left of the bus and the view into the ravine was quite scary.

Eventually we reached the tree line and entered the high Tafi Del Valle. A good name I thought as these green mountains did resemble those in Wales.

On arrival some negotiation took place between our Porteños and it was revealed we had a cabin with a view for two nights, and at less cost each than the villages hostal.

The cabin was wonderful. Dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bed packed bedrooms. Up went my Welsh flag and it was home!

Here's a photo of the view.

Spent the two days here just enjoying the cool mountain air and relaxing. One strange thing happened though. I said "Hola" to one dog and he started to follow me. Within 30 minutes he was joined by 5 others. I became known as the dog man! The villagers all wanted to know where these dogs came from and laughed when told they had adopted me. That night they all slept on the veranda of our cabin.