Monday, 16 April 2007


Quilmes is the name of the best selling lager in Argentina. It is named after the Andean Indians who were strong and cultured enough to withstand Incan attacks. They were however, as like all indigenous South American groups, unable to hold out against Spanish gunpowder and horses.

Leaving Tafi Del Valle we headed up to the 3000m pass into the next much drier valley. Topography and altitude are the climate drivers here.

Arriving in Amaicha Del Valle, three of us found Mama Maria´s place, and did she look after us well. A lovely old lady, with a wonderful vine covered courtyard to shade ourselves in.

Late on this quiet Sunday afternoon we took a car to explore the old, ruined, Quilmes capital.

Built in a small valley in the mountains, dotted with 5 metre high cacti, we were alone as we explored the site (except for 4 friendly llamas).