Friday, 25 May 2007

First shower in 4 days!!

Having spent the last four days wandering the highlands, in places without electricity, it was great to discover Sajama had a thermal pools. So up early armed with my towel I walked an hour an a half over to where the warm waters bubble up. It was lovely soaking away under this small waterfall, but getting changed after in the frigid air with a strong wind blowing was an anatomy shrinking experience.

It was wonderful wandering the Rio Sajama valley, with just llamas and alpachas for company. All around I was surrounded by snow covered volcanic peaks, including the other side of Parinacoto and Pomerape.

After my shower I walked back to the village to pack up and hopefully get a lift to the main road so I could catch a bus to move south to Oruro, the main town of the Bolivian altiplano.

I was successful.

Sajama was so remote, so beautiful. At night the wind clattered the corrugated iron roof of the room where I slept (under circa 5 thick blankets to counter the cold).