Friday, 25 May 2007

Trucking into Bolivia

The next morning we drove around to Lago Chungara, right up against the Bolivian border. Here the volcanoes Parinacota and Sajama (in Bolivia) loom over the lake.

Then down to Parinacota village, where I lucky to see the Andean Ibis.

After a mid morning cuppa, it was over to the border for me, and here I said my goodbyes to William. The buses over the border were delayed, so it was arranged that a Bolivian truck driver would take me over the border to the road junction to Sajama, where I wanted to spend the night.

I luckily got my second lift of the day, taking me the 11 miles into Sajama village itself. Sajama volcano, looking like a huge ice cream cone with it's numerous glaciers, is the highest peak in Bolivia at 6500m. Here I stopped another cold cold night, in a village without electricity (and that day any other tourists).