Thursday, 10 May 2007

Stowaway 4

Hey it's me again. Been keeping a low profile in Argentina, due to doggy shootings. Not much going on there I gotta say for us four legged backpackers. Did chase a llama but it spat at me and so I had to stop to get the goo outa my eye.

Happy to say I'm now in doggy heaven AKA Chile. AND I gotta mate. Meet Tigger from London. He stowed away too and has been to Vietnam, China, New Zealand and loads of other places. He doesn't like biting wildlife as he says will all his bouncing around everything keeps running off.

Here us up at 4200 metres, kept the woofs to a minimum, as needed to keep my breath to stay alive. Looks like snow doesn't it. But it's salt! Yuk! Not worth playing in!

Next day me and Tiggs went to some steamy place. It was mighty cold up there early in the morning. So we decided to warm up by this sort of teapot thing in the ground.