Friday, 18 May 2007

Hot & Cold

Using the same agency, the next day was an early start to catch the sunrise over the Tatio geyser field. It was totally freezing up there in the dawn glow, but magical all the same. Steam and hot water billows from the many geysers located here. Supposedly the highest in the world.

Nearby a thermal water swimming pool has been created to enable us hardy souls to swim at 4300 metres. The water was gorgeously warm, and in places very very hot. Getting dry in the frigid air though was not so much fun.

On the return ride back to San Pedro, we frequently came across herds of VicuƱas. Here watering themselves by a frozen stream.

Everytime we passed animals or interesting views we would get out of our transport and explore. An early morning become a long but very enjoyable day.