Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Scary Bus Ride

Huaraz was simply a stunning location and I could have stayed a lot longer. There was an eight day trek I could have done, involving a 4500m+ pass to cross everyday, and a few mountains above 5500m that could be "walked" with the help of crampons and ice axes. I was in two minds as to what to do, so did what I have done in the past and tossed a coin to decide. The Queen said head onwards, so this is what I did.

My next destination was the coastal city of Trujillo, with it's pre Inca ruins. To get here I opted to go the scenic route (and longer route) via the CaƱon Del Pato (Duck's canyon). The bus ride follows a narrow track deep within the river canyon, through numerous tunnels. It was a bumpy and blood chilling ride, yet fantastic all the same, particularly when the track edge disappeared below the window leaving a view of the river way way below. A great journey!!

The pictures below are not mine, but uplifted from the internet (I was on the bus so could not snap away). Oh on the bus roof were four sheep and one goat, all netted down. I wonder if they were as scared of the possibilities as I was?