Sunday, 14 October 2007

Biking the world's highest peak

Today was bike ride day. A bike ride down Chimborazo, the worlds highest peak.

The world's highest peak.............surely not? Everest is the world's highest peak. Depends where you measure things from ...............If you were to stand on Chimborazo's summit you would be closer to the stars and sun than at any other point on earth (including the summit of Everest) The world, like me, suffers a little middle age spread, and Chimborazo located near the equator is lifted closers to the heavens as a result. So Chimborazo is the world's highest peak if measured from the centre of the earth. Porr old Everest!

Fortunately the bike ride was almost all downhill. Starting at the snowline at 5000m up it was a very bumpy but exciting trip. Unfortunately the weather was not so kind and I only got glimpes of the peak (the two clear photos I've added here were taken yesterday during my train ride).