Thursday, 11 October 2007

Poncho In The Market

Arriving in Riobamba I headed to a recomended agency that runs bike rides down Chimborazo to see what was possible. But there were not many gringos in town so I was advised to head to the least touristy indigenous market in Ecuador held each Thursday in Guamote.

Taking the public bus for one hour south I arrived in teeming Guamote. It seemed I was the only camera carrying gringo there, and boy did I go click click. I sat myself on a doorstep overlooking a few stalls and waited for the photo opportunities to pass by. The results are above.

The market was very colourful. One area was set aside for animals, who once purchased were loaded into the back of trucks or hoisted up onto the roof of buses. A really good day out, thanks to the cycle agency chap.