Thursday, 11 October 2007

Colonial Glory

Moving north from Vilcambamba (via Loja as I needed to change my Peruvian sols to US dollars, yes Ecuador abandonned its own currency some years back to dollarise, to the third largest city in Ecuador, Cuenca.

Bus rides in Ecuador seem to take ages. Not only is the topography pretty up down, but buses stop for everyone, anywhere, so its pretty slow going. Arrived after dark so took a taxi to my selected hostel. Here in Ecuador I am travelling without a guidebook, which gives a slightly lost feeling. No maps, no Lonely Planet gotta go here gotta go there. Instead I made copious notes on places to stay and see, and just use the internet and other gringos to add to what I know.

Something occured in Cuenca that Ive not experienced since arriving in South America: a day of rain. Despite that Cuenca is no doubt the most attractive city I've visited so far. It is full of old colonial era buildings, squares, and is very colourful.