Saturday, 23 June 2007

Fish Food

Camping out in the jungle you get mighty sticky and sweaty. So being by the river each morning and evening I would take a dip to clean off and freshen up. This morning there I was swimming around when a small fish decided to take a bite of a highly personal and sensitive part. It's amazing how high you can jump evn just treading water. I did not go back into the water after that, the minnows here are nasty!

Today we climbed up high through the thick humid forest to get a glimpse of the sandstone ridges that form the basis of the park, together with the many river valleys that carve their way through them.

After climbing up high we went into a dark side gorge where a waterfall dropped down. It was like a green heaven, with the green moss covered walls.

The trek out of the park was again one needing lots of change of footwear as the river was crossed and re-crossed. There was one wildlife type that I did not want to see, but did. A rather large, and very poisonous snake. Fortunately it slide off away into the undergrowth, but I kept a careful watch as to where I put my feet after that encounter.