Saturday, 23 June 2007

Flip flop trek

In the jungle you wake with the dawn and the birds. So many weird and haunting calls.

Today we trekked further up the river. As we would be crossing the river almost constantly I wore my flip flops. But these really started to cut my feet so I switched to my boots, knowing that eventually they would dry out.

It was hard going. Jumping from rock to rock, then wading through the waist deep river.

Sometines the river was in a rock cut canyon, sometimes hust at the base of a deep jungle clad valley.

Saw Puma tracks in the wet sand at one site, but really saw very little in terms of wildlife, with the exception of many fish and kingfishers taking advantage of their quantity. Most mammals here are nocturnal, and those that arent are hidden deep in the greenery. I did get a glimpse of a black spider monkey though.

That evening after dark the guide left some cooked vegetables near the camp. Later with our torches we saw eyes reflecting back. Medium sized mammals call Pachas had caught the smell of the vegetables and came out of the forrest to investigate.