Monday, 4 June 2007

The Power

Over the jungle canopy I caught a glimpse of where I was headed. At first I thought it was smoke. It was spray piling high up into the air where the Iguazu river thundered down off the lava platform to join the Parana river.

The Iguazu falls, one side Argentinian the other Brazilian, are surely one of natures most spectacular displays. Here a mighty river falls, braids and cascades down through lush green tropical forest.

The first views are of the smaller falls , then as you walk more these falls are joined by broader, mightier falls.

On the Brasilian side, where I was today, Sunday, they have built a viewing pier the stretches out and enable you to look down to the tumbling tumolt of water, and which takes you so close to the ,major falls.

I was soaked. But what a place. Argentinian side tomorrow.