Friday, 15 June 2007


We were up early the following moring to watch the sunrise from one of the many wooden bridges that cross the waterways. With no electricity here our days were to be governed by the sun.

After a great breakfast of coffee, bread and fruit, we mounted up on horses to spend the morning looking for what we could see. In every pond there are many many caiman. One was lurking on the track. We surrounded it and I got this picture.

The horses ride took us to a broad river where we swam. Again it was quite weird that we were in pirahana infested waters. That said there have never been any reported human deaths attributed to these nasty fish. Fingers and toes have been lost, but in the deep wide river we were safe as any pirahans here would be less hungry than those stranded in the lakes and ponds.

After lunch we went out in canoes and again saw many caimens and quite a number of birds.

On the walk back to the farm we got really lucky. A tree climbing anteater, the Tamandua, was just starting to climb his tree. These are very slow moving animals, their metabolic rate is slow as the termites they eat do not give them great energy levels. Isnt he cute!!!

Also this red brocket deer..............theres a lot of wildlife here!