Friday, 15 June 2007

Rare birds but no guide!

Myself and the two Americans enjoyed a very early morning trek. In the morning light I spotted two Jabiru storks at on and island in the middle of a lily packed lake. The jabiru stork is huge, when it takes off it needs quite a long runway. This stork is the symbol of the Pantanal.

We heard that more folk were headed to join us at the farm. We expected them at 2.00pm, at which time our guide left!! The newcomers did not arrive until after dark, they came with a new guide, but it did mean myself and the two from San Francisco had to fend for ourselves that afternoon. A bit poor when you have paid for the guide during your stay.

We decided to go for a walk to a place the Americans had been before prior to my arrival. We were very lucky. Previously we had only seen the very rare blue hyacinthe macaws flying over the farm. On our walk we got to see them up real close. What a noisy bunch they were! We also saw more howler monkeys, coatis, woodpeckers and a rather handsome toucan.

The new arrivals were 4 Aussies. It turned out they were never going to arrive at 2.00, so it was the agencys fault we were guideless. This was our first clue that this agency, Green Track, was not well managed!

The next day the Americans left and I spent the rest of my time with the 4 Aussies, who were great fun and very into the wildlife.