Saturday, 16 June 2007

Forgotten with bonus

On Monday morning we again woke early to head out into the wilds. Again we were very lucky to see so much wildlife. Jill shouted out Anaconda! having seen something long with stripes moving through a bush. It turned out to be another cute tree climbing tamandua.

We also saw high up in the trees a screech owl staring wisely down upon us. Later a medium sized spider was spotted and I let it crawl over my arm.

Monday was to be my last day in the Pantanal. My four night tour would be over so I could catch the bus to my next destination Bonito. My transport out from the farm was supposed to arrive at 2.00pm, but that hour passed and no transport arrived. Even if it did arrive later I would have missed the only bus. The agency had forgotten me.

Our guide was apologetic and said he would make sure transport arrived the next day.

So that afternoon I again headed out on horses. On the way back I was able to tick another off the list, an armadillo, one of the strangest mammals on the planet with scaly armour plating.

Here are a few photos Jill ans Simon shot: